Ελληνική Θεατρική Ομάδα Greek Community Theatre Group Nottingham

We announce the creation of a Greek speaking Community Theatre group of the Greek Community of Nottingham and Derby.
The Community Theatre group is looking for adult members who want to get involved with the Greek speaking theatre whether it be on stage (acting) or as part of the production team (settings, costumes, lights etc). The group will work on theatrical plays of Greek and international authors in Greek language. However, the sessions and directions will be in Greek and/or in English language according to the members’ needs. The sessions started on Monday the 15th of January 2018 and will take place every Monday at 19.00-21.00. We are planning to produce a theatrical performance at the beginning of May 2018.
We hope that the Theatre group will be a meeting point for the Greek speaking theatre lovers of the broader area of Nottinghamshire. Also, a further goal is that through participation at theatrical festivals we will show the presence of the Greek culture at the multicultural society of Nottinghamshire.

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